Alfred The Great (AD847-AD899) - England's Great Defender

Time required – two one-hour sessions

The surviving King's Stone in Surrey
The surviving 'King's Stone' in Surrey, now in the Royal Borough of Kingston, where several Anglo-Saxon King's were once crowned.

This detailed and dramatic account tells the story of the astonishingly productive life and work of the only English monarch acclaimed as 'The Great'. Because King Alfred achieved so much, the material has been divided into two one hour programmes.

The first presentation examines Alfred's early life and incorporates his succession at the age of 23 in AD871 and his baptism of fire at the hands of Viking invaders. The second talk looks at his wars against the Danish raiders and considers Alfred's very significant academic and cultural achievements. The programme finishes with accounts of his death, his will and his incredible legacy.

Part one covers the following aspects:

  • An overview of 'what Alfred did for us'.
  • A description of Alfred's 'royal' family and the challenges faced by his father and his brothers as Viking raids destroyed whole sections of Anglo-Saxon culture.
  • Alfred's journey to Nottingham and his subsequent marriage to Ealhswith.
  • Defeat at the renowned Battle of Ashdown.
  • The probable location of Alfred's coronation followed by his defeat at Wilton.

Part two deals with the following:

  • The desperate wars against Guthrum and subsequent negotiations.
  • Alfred's defensive strategies and the creation of his famous 'burhs'.
  • Details of Asser's 'biographical' account of Alfred the Great.
  • Alfred's literary works and law code.
  • His death and burial at Winchester.

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