King William I (1028-1087) - The Norman Conqueror

Time required – two one-hour sessions

The tomb of William the Conqueror
The tomb of William the Conqueror.

This controversial man led an extraordinarily violent and itinerant existence; his regime transformed England's landscape and influenced the nation's culture more than any other monarchy in the country's history. The Conqueror's complex story is brought to life during two one-hour programmes.

The first presentation introduces listeners to his early life and incorporates an account of his rise to power and preparations for the invasion of England; it finishes with Duke William's arrival at Hastings. The second programme begins with his famous battle against King Harold before examining the difficulties he experienced holding on to power. The material concludes with details of William's death and incredible legacy.

The first programme includes information about the following:

  • Contemporary, biographical sources.
  • William's appearance and character.
  • The birth and growth of the Duchy of Normandy.
  • Contacts and links between Normandy and England.
  • William's marriage and growing family.
  • Edward the Confessor's death and the 'promised' succession.
  • The Conqueror's invasion fleet and his landing at Pevensey.

The second programme incorporates details of the following:

  • A blow by blow account of the Battle of Hastings.
  • The likely route taken by William after the battle.
  • A summary of William's 20 year reign in England.
  • The Domesday survey.
  • William's death and eventual burial.
  • A précis of 'What the Normans did for us'.

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