The Domesday Book

Time required – 1 hour 15 minutes

The two manuscripts, which together make up The Domesday Book
The two manuscripts, which together make up The Domesday Book, on display in The National Archives at Kew.

Most people have heard of the Domesday Book and perhaps know something about it but this illustrated account sets out to destroy a few myths and introduces some surprises concerning the world's oldest written survey of a country and its inhabitants.

The material explains why the book was written and considers it in the context of early Anglo-Norman society. It describes the instructions of King William I who commissioned the work and shows how the Domesday survey was organised. Customers will not only see images of the book but also photographs of the 11th century returns for South-West England; they will be given an indication of where and when the drafts were first presented to the King.

The production and the contents of this famous manuscript are fascinating topics in their own right and are described in detail. The presentation will look at where and how the document might have been written; listeners will also be told how the term 'Domesday' came about. The talk will include a history of the book's movements over the last 920 years and finishes with an explanation of where the book can be seen and studied today.

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